Hell NO – SEO

I received this message in my LinkedIN box and it made me burn. Not only is this a prime example of what NOT to do in internet marketing,  but a perfect example of the next Google penalization because abusers such as these create FAKE content. This angers me not as a professional but also as a consumer since I too utilize community reviews to determine if a product or a company is one that I want to do business with. SEO internet marketing FAIL!

Not only do manipulators like this ruin the validity of the internet by creating only FAKE positive reviews for a company who, face it, if you are doing bad business, making crappy products or giving lame service, well then, you bad-company deserve to take the reputation hits, but manipulation like this is just asking Google for a penalization. Once Google downgrades product reviews, it makes it harder for not just us professional internet marketers, but for valid companies working hard to do good business.

I call you out fakes and I’m not happy.

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