SEO | Search Engine Optimization

The rules of online marketing consistently change, frequent search engine algorithm updates occur, new programming and innovations roll out. Therefore, keeping your business optimized requires dedicated professional SEO marketing.

SMO | Social Media Optimization

Don’t let social networking become social not-working. Professional digital marketing helps evaluate whether or not the newest social network is right for your business, helps create optimal content that engages your target audience, turns prospects into customers.

SEM | Search Engine Marketing

Paid search ads can boost your company and website visibility in search engines, social networks and put your company in the right place at the right time – when consumers are actively searching for your product or service. Get professional search engine marketing.


Do you SEO? How do you know if your agency is doing it “white hat”?

86% of all consumers begin their search online – do they end with you?

  • Google changes its algorithms almost monthly.
  • E-commerce businesses suffered the effects Penguin and Panda in 2012 when what used to be white hat standard online marketing process was black balled instantly.

Consumer search behavior is always evolving

  • Email is now the new snail mail.
  • New social media platforms are being created faster than you can put a direct mail piece together
  • Marketing online has become so complex that it can be a time suck and when you are in the business of running your business, you need an expert in internet marketing on your team. But who can afford to hire a full-time online SEO marketer?

And that’s where I come in – bring my experience in the internet marketing and social to your team. I can work with any budget because I believe that SEO should be available to all businesses – large or small.



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To get the most of your internet presence, contact me, Idaho SEO, optimize your website, optimize your business, maximize your revenue. 86% of all consumers begin their search online – do they end with you? Let my professional marketing efforts put you ahead of your competitors.

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