Social Media – Don’t jump on the bandwagon

I just read an article by my favorite internet marketing guru in which she mentioned that jumping on the social networking bandwagon can be more like social NOT working. With all the social media sources and outlets, trying to tackle them all at once could end up causing a lot of frustration and unproductivity. It’s TRUE!

While I have said before that the world of online social networking gives you more opportunity than ever to interact with your clients, prospects and visitors – OUTSIDE of the transaction moment. There’s so much out there now in the online social media world, it’s hard to know which ones are more than one-click-wonders, up and coming into the mainstream internet marketing “must-haves”, or are here today – gone tomorrow (anyone remember Friendster?! The online social network grandfather of MySpace and Facebook which died a sudden death when their technology infrastructure couldn’t keep up?). And most important to know which one is going to gain you the most return on effort and return on investment?

Jumping on the bandwagon of social networking and social media marketing is easy, it’s made for the do-it-yourself-er business person, however knowing your options and developing your strategic plan to find out where your target market actually IS before you spend a lot of effort to place yourself there will save you hundreds of your own hours. For example, digital marketers are loathe to place themselves in the paper yellow pages when they know their target market is solely online in cyber world.

That’s why calling on a professional SEO to help develop your online strategic marketing plan is the sound choice. Researching target markets, consumer groups, evaluating the effort for your business (meaning how are you going to get business from any given effort) against the return on that effort and measuring the benchmarks for success are all what professional SEOs could provide to you for social media marketing, which leaves you to the most important business – that of running your business.

Using the best possible, objective search engine optimization and online marketing strategy for your business is the only answer for good marketing. And that’s what I’m here for.

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