Twitter K.I.T.A. = Customer Service win!

I found myself pulling my hair out this past month over my GoDaddy hosting account being mired down in 500 Server errors. It was to the point I could not even access my site to update and troubleshoot the dang error. So, I took to social media to not only vent my frustration, but to get some input from my community about other hosting providers to possibly migrate my and my clients’ hosting over to.

Social Media Marketing done right

Well! Not only did I get some feedback, but I got an immediate response to my Kick In The Ass post from GoDaddy in an effort to provide some service, but to salvage a pretty long service relationship that was about to end badly for them.

So, the jury is still out on whether their proposed solution works but I have to give them a shout out, thumbs up, +1 for keeping the pulse of their reputation in social media and providing some personal customer service.

Is your company keeping dibs on your reputation in social media? Using it to increase your customer support? Strengthening those all-important customer relationships — even more important, are your competitors?? Social media management, reputation management is the key factor in today’s internet marketing win strategy.