Why I Am A Bad Search Engine Optimization Marketer

That’s it, I admit it. I am a bad SEO guru. I have a fundamental belief that this online marketing stuff is not rocket voodoo science, and therefore I don’t approach it that way. I don’t present it to my clients that way. I am flawed in that I, as Dave Ramsey refers to it, am a business person with the heart of a teacher.  I operate with great transparency, wishing to show my clients how this online marketing stuff works and letting them know exactly what I’m going to be doing for them.

There’s no “super secrets the SEO gurus don’t want you to know”. Well, maybe those that are taking exorbitant fees each and every month, running PPC ads and doing very little to enhance your website, they have a secret that they aren’t optimizing your budget.

And those that would use your monthly retainer to buy crap links in bulk (so 2003, and now a black hat tactic that is certain to earn penalty or blackball from the search engines) or engage in black hat seo design and practice.

And the hard sale. I simply cannot stand the hard sell. “Buy NOW! Super Secret SEO guaranteed to get you to the #1 position!”

I’m an internet consultant, not a used-car sales person.  And I’ve seen the ranking reports for that #1 position, it’s usually on their own business name. Which for most businesses in local search – they should rank first if their consumer is searching for them with their business name. Even worse are rank reports generated to illustrate high search engine ranking on crap keywords with very little consumer interest. Oh yeah, I can show you that too in search engine optimization reports. What I use is actual benchmark data on consumer interest in the target keywords. It’s just how I roll. It’s about transparency and keeping the client’s best interests at heart – not mine.

I want to teach my clients what is essential about how to manage their most valuable online asset – their website – or rather, their online market presence. Can you, the savvy business person, learn all about SEO for free? Yes! The information is out there in abundance, on the internet. However, the old information is out there too and wrong information and what used to be white-hat-but-is-now-black-hat is also out there. Well, it’s just a full time job staying on top of the cutting edge social media and seo best practices. And that’s what I’m here for.

I want to offer a service and my philosophy is that business owners are in the business of running their business. The reason they outsource their accounting, web design, marketing, or any other thing you can think that you have done for your business, is that they don’t have the time, desire or talent strength in that area. They are willing to spend some of their hard earned money on a search marketing professional who is an expert in the area of internet marketing.

For example, I can design web sites, but I’m definitely not great at it. It’s not my thing. I can write keyword-rich copy and know all the effective elements of building a strong search engine optimized website, but I’m far less talented than good copywriters. So, as a business person I would hire on  e to do it for me. If you need an expert in online marketing and search engine optimization, take the time to hire anexpert with years of experience and a large portfolio of satisfied clients.

I have a partner approach. I’m not going to hide my techniques from my client. I’m going to show them what I’m doing. I’m not going to hoard all the data and produce obscure hard-to-understand information to them. I’m want to teach them what it means and share my expertise in SEO.

And that is just terrible!

The SEO industry is afraid of their clients questioning what it is they are paying for. They don’t want the business owner to learn a little about how easy online marketing is and trying to steer their marketing strategy themselves. They do not like SEOs like me, who feel that they should not gouge the small business owner for effective SEO marketing.  They don’t like SEOs like me:

Open, Transparent, a Teacher.

Sure, I won’t make 6-7 figures doing it this way. But I’m okay with that. I’m here to serve and to teach good SEO and internet marketing to help businesses succeed.

What I love to do is teach. And I am here to share my decade of internet marketing experience, expertise and time spent becoming certified and credentialed. I love this iMarketing stuff. I live, eat and breath it. It takes a ’special’ type of person to love reading anlaytical data like I do and searching out trends and chasing the consumer. I know my customers appreciate my passion and expertise in SEO.

So, I steer clear of advertised phrases like “Beat Google!”, “Manipulate Google!”, “Super Secret SEO Tactics Guaranteed to Obliterate the Search Engine as we all know it”, blah blah blah. Yeah, give me that pill and I’ll lose 42 lbs. and have rock hard gluts in 3.5 days too. You don’t have to manipulate anything to have sound, quality search engine optimization on your site that will direct consumer traffic to you, so that your business can succeed.

Using the best possible, objective search engine optimization and online marketing strategy for your business is the only answer for good marketing. And that’s what I’m here for.

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